Vauxhall Zafira 2005-2014 Broken Car Key Problems

The Vauxhall Zafira 2005-2014 has been a real success (apart from catching fire). However, broken car key problems are leaving owners stranded, simply because of the key design. Wobbly blades that no longer spring, cases that split open and chips that fail to give out a signal are standard for these cars, once the keys get older.

Vauxhall Zafira 2005-2014

There are two types of key available for these cars. One has a blade that flicks out and is the most common we see, the other type has a blade that says out all the time. We find that the flick out key is more popular, despite the two common problems.

Vauxhall Zafira 2005-2014 Problem 1

First of all, the blades get very ‘wobbly’ due to the hinge mechanism and therefore as the case becomes loose, the case splits open and the blade falls out.








Vauxhall Zafira 2005-2014 Problem 2

The design of the key electronics have changed from the earlier model Zafira. There is no longer a standard, carbon encased, bullet proof chip.

Vauxhall Zafire 2005-2014

This design of the electronics we call a ‘virtual chip’. This means that instead of having a single chip you can see (as above) , the components on the electronic circuit board all work together to create a chip signal. They don’t need a battery in the key to do this, the power comes from the car when the ignition is switched on.

Unfortunately, this means the components that make up the chip signal can get damaged and go faulty. If this happens, the car will not start. When the key stops giving a chip signal, the car won’t crank, let alone start. If this happens it will show a symbol of a padlock on the dashboard or a flashing engine light.

Don’t confuse the chip signal with the one to lock and unlock the doors, they are a different signal and have a totally different function. In fact, its common for the lock and unlock still to work, but the car will not crank. We made this video to help you diagnose whether you have a faulty chip.


The Solution to Vauxhall Zafira 2005-2014 Car key problems

Problem 1 – Wobbly Blade

This can be sorted out easily by fitting the electronics into a new case. We made this video to help you.


Problem 2 – Chip not detected by the car.

This problem is caused by the key circuit board being damaged, and requires a brand new key. All good Auto Locksmiths can do this, but some will need the security code. Here at the Car Key Man, we can do the whole job without the code and will also give you the code free of charge if you don’t have it. We’d expect any decent Auto Locksmith to do the same, so ask for the code when you are looking for a quote.

You may also find help at the Vauxhall Owners club below

If you have any questions, just call us or pop into see us. If you’re not local, look up your local Car Key Man Auto Locksmith who will always be pleased to help.

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