Broken Kia or Hyundai Key?


Has your key blade fallen away from the rest of the key? 

If you have a key that looks like this, you have a problem. But did you know you can get it fixed?

Every week, we help people by mail order. It's quick and easy.

  • 1.

    Save money by having your key repaired. We re-use your expensive electronics and put them inside a new case. Then we recut a fresh blade. 

  • 2.

    A key repair is 70% cheaper than a brand new key

  • 3.

    Happy customers every week. Just send us the key by post, we'll fix it fast. 

To book your key repair, fill in your contact details and we'll help you. For £55 we replace the battery and case, then send it back recorded post.

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'Really friendly and helpful. I popped in because my car key had fallen apart and my central locking wasn't working. They got me a new key and fixed my central locking too. Fast and friendly. Highly recommend this company.'

Amy Smithson - Facebook

'Both keys on my car the rubber had disintegrated and they replaced both, managing to get the chip out safely and mounted into brand new keys.'

Jacqui Armitage - Facecook

We're based in Lincoln, you can find us at...

59 Chieftain Way,

Tritton Rd, 


Tel: 01522 514141