Based on The Renault Master, If you have a Movano Key, you have one of the best van keys on the market. They just got it right. No folding flips, or tiny little buttons.

The key comes in two parts. The remote has two buttons, open and close, or occasionally three buttons on some models. The extra button allows the load area to be unlocked independently.

The rubber buttons do wear through on the Movano key, but the switches underneath are big and strong and so can withstand the rough handling. Even when the electronic switches are damaged, they can be replaced easily.

Spare Keys


You’ll find a big difference between the price of a key from the dealer and if you buy one from an independent. The dealers charge over £240 for a spare Movano Key, however, we think this is excessive. Expect to pay £120 – £140 for a new, two button remote key from an independent Auto Locksmith or key cutting shop. This gains five stars.


They’re just really good quality. Hard wearing and robust, even when they look a bit tired. Again, the Movano Key earns five stars.

Movano key

This type of wear and tear can easily be repaired, to save you needing a new key.


There’s lots of equipment on the market now that will code you a Movano key without any need for the security code. It’s a bit embarrassing that the dealers still need the code to be honest. So again nice and easy and five stars.


There have been a few problems getting hold of these genuine keys. This has led to some delays when doing spare keys or lost. We keep a good supply in because we don’t want to use the aftermarket version which are much poorer quality. Any decent Auto Locksmith will keep a Movano key in stock, so there shouldn’t be any delay.

Lost Keys

Lots of good news for you here. The locks can be decoded  and give us the key number so we can cut a key.  As we’ve already mentioned, a good Auto-Locksmith will not need codes.

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However, if for some reason you do need a dealer code, the good news is that unlike Ford, the records kept by Vauxhall are very good. They key the key number and immobiliser code for every Vauxhall Movano key in a central database and is issued as a ‘Car Pass’.

Movano keyVivaro Key

To obtain the car pass there are a few hoops to jump through. You’ll need the logbook, a utility bill, and some photo identification. It all needs to be in the same name and address.

Then once this is done, you may have to wait up to three days.

Like we said, try to avoid this if you can.

The car pass will cost around £30 depending on what the dealer charges in your area. Although this seems to be a pain, at least they are available, with a Ford van, then it it’s a different story.

Losing your Vauxhall Movano key shouldn’t be stressful. A good Auto Locksmith will be very happy to get your phone call. How do you find a good Auto Locksmith?

As a guide price, you should expect to pay £180-£240 for someone to replace a lost Vauxhall Movano key. The price range is this large depending on location and competition. If you’re waiting for more than a day, you need to find a different Auto-Locksmith instead of the dealer.

We hope this helps.


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