If your Vauxhall Insignia won’t start, this may help you. In the olden days, the Vauxhall chipped keys were very good quality. However, since they launched the Insignia model it has all gone downhill. The good news is that if your Insignia won’t start, then it’s very easy to tell whether you have a car key problem.

Insignia won’t start checklist

Do the dashboard lights come on? Is there power in the car? We get calls every week from customers that believe the key has gone faulty, only to find they have a flat battery. So, if the dash lights stay in darkness when you turn the ignition on, then check the battery. However, if the lights all come on, then read on.

Insignia won't start

No start – No crank. When you try and start the car, does the car make a cranking noise? Does the engine turn over as if it is having a go at starting? The first symptom of a faulty key is that the car will not crank. Therefore, if your Insignia won’t start, but is trying its best to fire up, it’s not a key problem.

Dashboard Padlock warning light. To make up for the car having terrible car keys, they put a light on the dash. The manual should read, ‘if this yellow padlock light comes on, then our poor quality car key has failed you.’ (I’m being restrained in my choice of words here, but hopefully you get the picture). If the padlock light comes on, the car will not start, it won’t even crank over. So, if you have a padlock sign on the dash, and it won’t crank, then yes you may have a car key problem.

Has the key you are trying to use, ever started the car?

This is a really important question. If you’ve previously used the key to start the car, but now it won’t start, it may be the key. However, if the key is brand new from Vauxhall, if you try and use it without it being programmed, your Insignia won’t start. This is perfectly normal and not a fault. You just need the car key programmed.

Common questions we’re asked.

Can I programme my own key? With some cars you can programme in your own key, but you cannot with a Vauxhall Insignia.

Is it possible the car has forgotten the key? Sometimes, cars do forget the car keys. However, this does not happen with the Vauxhall Insignia

Sometimes my Insignia won’t start, other times it will. Why is this happening? This is a classic sign that the key is just starting to go wrong. Often the problem happens just once randomly. Next month it may happen 2-3 times. Then as the key gets worse, then the problem gets more common. Eventually, whatever you do you will find that the Insignia won’t start. This means the key has died.

What do I do? You just ned to find a local Car Key Man. A local Auto-Locksmith that can come to you, cut a new key and then plug a computer in. The computer will introduce the key to the car and hopefully you’ll be up and running.

Is it 100% definitely the key? There are very few 100% guarantees with cars. If you have read the checklist and it points to the key, then that is the first thing to try. A local Car key man will be able to confirm if the key is faulty.






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