Vauxhall Astra Broken Flip Key

A newer type of Vauxhall ‘flip’ key is supplied with Astra models (2010 – ). In our opinion, these are truly terrible keys,  both in design and material quality. We see many Astra Broken flip key problems.

The Problems with Astra keys


This style of flip key has three basic faults.

Firstly, the rubbers are very soft, which mean they wear quickly. Try not to use long fingernails or poke the delicate switches with pens or similar.

The second Vaux Astra broken flip key problem will leave you stranded. The design of the silver flip part of the key, the hinge part that holds in the key blade, is very weak. We see many that crack, causing the blade to drop out. Unfortunately, often the blade will drop out without you knowing.

The last problem is just as bad. We’re starting to see the electronics go faulty. If this happens, the car will not start. This will be the subject of a more detailed blog post, so look out for it. When the electronics do go faulty,  the car won’t crank, let alone start. If this happens you’ll see a symbol of a padlock on the dashboard. This is simply because the electronics no longer make the chip signal.

There are really common problems in all makes of car. Click Here to read about how broken keys can be fixed.

The Solution to the Astra Broken Flip Key

Problem 1 – Worn rubbers

These can be sorted out easily, by replacing the case and swapping the parts. However, here are a few tips if you’re thinking about doing this yourself. eBay sell a range of cases, some are great, some are terrible, so you should look for good feedback.

Getting these keys apart is not that easy. It takes a lot of force, and in doing so, it’s easy to damage the expensive electronic part inside. This will mean the car won’t start afterwards.

The next problem with doing it yourself is that if you try to swap the blade over from the old broken insignia flip key, it causes damage to the new case. This makes the hinge weak straight away. We recommend that you get the blade re-cut at a key cutting shop. If you’re not confident with swapping over the electronics,  you should find a local Auto Locksmith to do the whole job for you. A typical price for this service is £30 – £55 depending on where you live.

Problem 2 – Broken key hinge

This can be sorted out easily if you have both parts of the key. The electronics can be put into a new case, as described above.

Problem 3 – Chip not detected by the car

This requires a brand-new key, you won’t be able to repair it. All good Auto Locksmiths can do this, but some will need the security code from the dealer. You should shop around, and when you compare prices ask whether the key is genuine or aftermarket. The aftermarket keys work fine, but do not have a Vauxhall badge. Prices range from £100 – £200 depending on where you live in the country and who does this for you.

You should also look up the Vauxhall Owners club below.

If you have any questions,  ask away or drop in to see us. If you’re not local, you should look up your local Auto Locksmith who should always be pleased to help.

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You can now get your Vauxhall Astra key repaired by post

You can now get your Vauxhall Astra key repaired by post