As part of our mission to help you do things right, we look at the correct way to change the battery on the standard Mazda Flip key.

This style of car key has been used on models including as the Mazda 2, 3, 5, 6 and MX-5 since 2005. The car must be opened by pressing the buttons on the remote. Using the key in the door causes a very loud alarm to sounds.

Help my Mazda alarm won’t stop when I open the door!


You can stop the alarm by starting the car with a programmed key if you find that the buttons are playing up. Just open the door with the key, turn the ignition on, and in a few seconds, the alarm will stop!

Mazda Key Battery Warning

With most car keys, changing the battery can’t damage the key, however the Mazda Flip key is different.

You need to gentle when separating the two halves of the key.


Avoid damage to your Mazda key

To separate the two halves, you must move the plastic tab that is keeping both halves together. poke the sprung tab in the place shown below. There is a hole where you can put a small screwdriver or the like, but go easy.


This is the place to press the tab

This is the place to press the tab

Poke the tab in the place clearly circled. However, this is important. With older keys, the tab is brittle and can break. We see lots of Mazda flip keys that are held together with tape.

This is simply because the tab has been snapped off and there’s nothing to hold both parts of the key together anymore .

So be careful when pressing the tab so that it stays intact.

The two halves of the remote separate to access the key battery. Once the two halves of the key are apart, changing the CR1620 battery is straight forward, the following video will help.

Make sure you buy a good quality battery for your Mazda key.


If you buy a non-branded battery, you’ll run out of power quickly and will need to change it again. Then you stand more chance of breaking the key.

Most of the problems we see with car key remotes are caused by poor quality key batteries.






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