This style of Renault four button keycard has been in the newer shape models from around 2010 onward. They’re wider than the old style card and we’d hoped they’d be stronger than the older type of keycard that’s caused so many problems. Now, in 2018 we’re starting to see these cards also fail, no longer giving out a chip signal and not starting the car.

Also, there are two types of card, one acts like a smart key, so it can just be left in a handbag or pocket. The other type needs to be placed in the slot. When the key battery gets low, the proximity part of the key may not work reliably and a battery change is needed.

The good news is, to change the key battery, Renault have made it so easy. You cannot go wrong.

Below is our transcript from our Renault four button keycard YouTube video which explains how to change the battery. The video is at the end of the post if you’d prefer to watch rather than read

Renault four button keycard Transcript

So today we’re looking at the Renault four button keycard. It’s been around for four or five years now so they’re starting to come through the system. The first thing you need to do is to take the blade out. So press that gray button. And the blade’s out.

Renault four button keycard

And the next thing is that the battery lives under here. There’s a cap.

Renault four button keycard

This has to come off there. So we’re gonna push the cap off. It’s very, very tight, so just get a screwdriver behind it and push.

Renault four button keycard

You’re gonna break anything; it will just come off.

Inside, you have a Maxell 2032. When you buy a key battery, make sure its a good one.

We see so many problems that are caused buy key batteries that cost five for a pound.  They are not powerful enough to work for any length of time.

Renault four button keycard

So just to refit, just clip it back down, put the blade in, and you are good to go.

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