Imagine it’s Christmas Day. You’ve done it all right. There are batteries for every present, you just need to put the batteries in! What could go wrong? Next, you open up the battery compartment and in doing so break it, so it can’t be used.  You’d be upset, your child would be mad at you and the shops would be shut. Basically you’d be screwed. Welcome to the world of the Nissan Proximity key damage. If you have one and are thinking about changing the key battery, read on.

Nissan Proximity Key damage

This week in our shop we had our first Nissan casualty due to Inferior component design. The customer had a warning on the dashboard that the key battery was low, so decided to change it (how hard can it be?). It turns out, harder than he expected and as he opened up the Nissan Proximity key, he wrecked it.

Nissan Proximity Key damage caused by bad battery change

If you watch the video below, you’ll see how the damage happened and how you can prevent it. We believe that the Nissan Proximity key damage has been caused by poor design (Inferior component design). Over thirty years ago, I worked at IBM Computers in Havant UK, making Flexi Circuits for computers. The delicate chips were protected against damage, being covered in a liquid resin material. When it dried, it protected the delicate components from damage and was important to the life of the product.

Nissan Proximity Key damage

This photo shows the encapsulation process, with the resin poured over and then cured in an oven. In our opinion, this is what they needed to do with the Nissan proximity key.

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Nissan Proximity Key damage

To open the key, a screwdriver is inserted into a small gap and the case can be opened up. However, if too much force is applied and the screwdriver slips, it can scrape along the electronic circuit board. This photo shows the comparison between before and after.

Nissan Proximity Key damage

Had it been encapsulated, as the circuits were at IBM were,  the key would have survived. Instead, this expensive, poorly designed key was wrecked. Our customer was able, clever and should have been very capable of changing the key battery, so take care when you change yours. We hope this video helps.

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