You won’t like reading this, because it should lead you to only one conclusion. If you have a new Ford Transit, you’re in danger of it being stolen, and without keys.

For the last few years, the older Mk7 Transit vans have been disappearing in the night, stolen by gangs that have easy pickings.

Normally the vans are stripped of the engine and gearbox then burnt out to destroy evidence. This has been happening in Lincolnshire as well as all over the UK.

The same technique is used on new Ford Transit van. It’s quick, simple and happening right now. How are they doing it? Simple.

New Ford Transit Stolen Step 1.

We all know how soft the door locks are for the new shape Ford Transit and Custom vans. We’ve written at length about this problem, amazed that the new and improved version of the Ford Custom still uses the identical lock. With a small screwdriver it can be forced unlocked and then the driver’s door can be opened.

New Ford Transit

Now if you’re seeing red that I’m publishing this information on-line, thinking I’m spilling the beans, you’re about 5 years behind. This has become such a bad problem that Ford introduced a Software update to address it. This was instead of improving the door lock in any way. By ignoring the pathetic door lock design, they have consigned owners to having their new Ford transit stolen.

Once the cab door is open, then out come the power tools.

Overcoming the Steering lock New Ford Transit

The average Auto locksmith dreads drilling out any type of lock. It’s a messy, tricky job that can lead to all sorts of problems. However, if a gang want your New Ford Transit stolen, they come with the tools they need. Unfortunately for you, these ignition locks may as well be made of Cheese.

So Ford have made this even easier because when they steal the new shape ford transit, they can be twice as quick as they only have the ignition lock to deal with, as seen here with this 2017 new Ford Transit.

New Ford Transit

If you worried about having your new Ford Transit stolen,(and you should be) you need to do something. Like kids in a sweet shop, there are so many vans to choose from, it’s easy pickings. How can you stop it you ask?

Do something. You have the choice of security locks, steering wheel locks, EOBD port protectors, wheel clamps, pedal boxes, to name a few. If you think it’s all a bit over the top, the transit thief will be rubbing his hands. You’ll need to spend money, or become a victim. A simple choice

Most of you will live miles away from us, you’re not our customers due to geography. But somewhere near you will be a van security specialist, and can help you.

It might not happen to you, but why take that chance?

We know this is bad news, but we think you rather know

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    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Paul
      I have a Transit Custom, but spent £1000 improving security. They are great vans once you get the security sorted out

  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Hi Steve very interesting your videos on the transit customs ! I’m in the proses of researching vans etc ! May I ask … in your opinion what manufacturer from 2010 to 2017 have the best security without buying extra security or if very little? Can you recommend a particular security manufacturer ? i.e replacement locks and extra ones ? regards Kevin.


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