Need to change your Ford key battery? then this is for you.

Today we’re looking at the newest type Ford proximity key that is used on many vehicles, including the new Mondeo. The key will be similar to this one.

Ford Key Battery

If you’re in America, you may have additional buttons according to the model, but they are basically the same.

To method used to change the Ford key battery is identical, whichever model.

HOW TO change New Ford Key Battery.

The two halves of the key split apart along the length of the key.

Ford Key Battery

Release the two halves by sliding the catch at the end of the key

Ford Key Battery

Pull the two halves of the key apart then place the cover aside.

Ford Key battery

HOW TO Open the Ford Key Battery compartment

Next, the key splits again, and this can be very tight. we’ve found that a penny is good because it’s the correct size and isn’t sharp. Find the slot at the end of the key.

Ford Key battery


Twist the penny and them the case opens

Ford Key Battery

Pull the two halves apart, again, they may be very tight.

Changing the Ford Key Battery

You’ll need two high quality CR2025 car key batteries inside this key, which is a new feature on Ford keys.


You’ll notice that you cannot read any writing on the first battery.

Ford Key Battery

Use a thin screwdriver to lever the battery out as they’re held in tightly. Next, you have a piece of paper, that tells us to change both batteries, thanks Ford.

Ford Key Battery

Move the paper out of the way and then you’ll notice that the writing on the second battery can be read.

Ford Key Battery

Again, lever out the battery with a screwdriver, or something thin.

Putting the Ford key battery back together.

Make sure the batteries go back in the correct orientation, with the paper between them.
Next is to join the two halves of the Ford key battery compartment back together. There are two plastic lugs that need to locate in the correct place.

Ford Key Battery

Ford key Battery
Once you’ve done this, squeeze the key back together and it will eventually snap shut. It’s very tight.

Ford Key Battery

Then the two halves of the key need to be re-joined. There is a small curved lug that hooks into the key. You must locate this first.

Ford Key battery
Next, squeeze the key together while. You’ll need to slide the catch while you do this, otherwise it will break. Don’t just force the two halves together.

And that’s it!

We’re not sure how long these batteries will last, the older style Ford Key Batteries last 12-18 months. We hope that helps






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  1. Tony
    Tony says:

    Very useful so as not to break the battery compartment by using the coin. First cover off was self explanatory for me but still fiddler than it should be but getting at that battery part could easily be broken without your tip. Thanks.
    1 worrying thing is my car told me to replace battery only for me to find there was some weird corrosion on the top of the battery as if it was like liquid solder, Panasonic battery so I put duracel in and happy days (hopefully).
    Very god site you’ve created. Thanks.


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