If we had a list of car key disasters, then this key would be on it. So, before you undo the screw and open Pandora’s box, read on. There is a problem with changing the key battery on a Mitsubishi L200 key and it’s leaving motorists stranded!

As you probably know, within the key is a small electronic chip. It’s nothing to do with the buttons on the key and its sole job is to let your car start. Every car key has a chip these days, and normally it’s carefully tucked away, protected from every day wear and tear.

Then you have the Mitsubishi L200 key, a perfect example of Inferior component design. The chip is attached to the battery key case cover. It’s just stuck with some glue.

Mitsubishi L200 key


When these keys get old, the cover cracks around the screw and the key opens up. This is when the chip can get lost, and you’re stranded.

So, take care when opening the key battery cover that the chip stays in place. If the chip falls out of the key, you may discard it as a piece of old plastic and then you will have a Mitsubishi L200 key that’s as much use as a block of cheese.

Mitsubishi L200 key problems – Your Options

The worst part is that when the chip does get lost, the dealer only has one option, a whole new key! Fortunately, independents can source individual chips and replace them for you. These will need coding up to start the car, but there will be a big saving on a whole new key.

Mitsubishi L200 Key Battery change

To change the battery, there’s a screw to undo, then you can pull the back off.

Careful when undoing the screw that you don’t round off the head We see this a lot. Get yourself a small jewelers screwdriver set.

Inside is the remote-control pod.

Push the pod out of the key gently and it will pop out easily, along with the very flimsy buttons. Watch out the tiny piece of plastic that joins them doesn’t snap.

If you look at the three buttons, there is a place where you can put a screwdriver, give it a twist and there is your battery. Just pop the battery out using the screwdriver.

It’s a CR1616, so to pop it back together, put your battery in and make sure it works.

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Put the button covers back in, just be careful of this bit here doesn’t break, if it does they don’t stay in the key.

Mitsubishi L200 key

This here is the electronic chip that starts the car.

It’s just held on by glue, it’s a very bad design, so just watch out that it’s still there. Then line it up, and do the screw up. Nice and easy.

Here’s our video showing you how to do the whole job.

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7 replies
  1. andrew graham
    andrew graham says:

    My key battery went on my 07 animal and the truck went like a bag of bolts as soon as you got to 35-45 mph it hit a flat spot I think the truck thought I was steeling it , after I changed the key battery it went like a bomb .

  2. Kerry Bridge
    Kerry Bridge says:

    I,ve been having to press my key fob several times to get the door unlocked, (L200). This morning no joy, so opened the door with the key, and of course, off went the alarm, I drove to work with it blasting all the way, got a new battery, which opens/closes the doors fine now,—–but still can’t stop the alarm!!, any ideas please?.

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      That’s odd Kerry, if the doors unlock fine, the alarm should stop. I don’t know what’s going on, sorry


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