Ford Focus 2011 onwards Car Key –  Key Battery Change

If you have a new Ford Focus 2011 onwards, then eventually the car will tell you that the key battery is low. The message should come up on the dashboard, or you may just notice the key is unreliable.

Ford Focus 2011 onwards

New Shape Ford Focus

Ford have actually made this very easy, however alot of people struggle. So to save you digging through the 400 page manual that’s written in every language, this video will show you just how easy it is.

Before you watch it, just remember that all you need to do is push in a small piece of plastic, but there are a couple of things to remember first.

Top Tips before you start

Before you start, here are a couple of tips, to make it safe for you and to make sure you don’t damage the key.

Firstly, remember this is just a piece of plastic. When the key battery cover is removed for the first time it may be really tight. However, you don’t need to use much force. Simply push the tab, as the video shows. If you press it to hard, you may well break the tab and it won’t go back onto the key.

More importantly, just go easy with the screwdriver. If it slips and it digs into your hand…it hurts alot. I know, I have done it!  Mind you, a hot soldering iron is worse). Just be careful please.

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Step One

Flick out the key blade. Then have a look in the space where the key blade came from. You will see a small plastic tab that needs to be pressed in.

Step Two

Take a small flat bladed screwdriver. Holding the key still, press down on the tab and watch the battery cover. It is the side with the Ford logo on. The battery cover will lift up from the key.

Step Three

Take off the cover by gently pulling it off. It may be very tight if it hasn’t been off before.

Step Four

The battery comes out but putting a screwdriver gently under it. This should be very easy

Step Five

Put the new CR2032 battery in so that you can read the writing on top of the battery. Don’t buy a really cheap battery from the market! You will be relying on this key so buy  good brand.


Step Six

Refit the cover. The tab side of the cover is the last to close, so locate the other tabs before pressing down.

Step Seven

Test that it works. Unlike the previous model, there is no separate function to get the buttons to work, so it should just work. If it doesn’t work, get a local key expert to check that it is transmitting.

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