How do I Repair remote buttons on my Ford Fiesta ?

If you have your Ford Fiesta car long enough, you may notice that one of the buttons on the key stops working. If this happens you’ll either need to repair the key, or buy a new one. This will show you how to repair remote buttons.

The most common reason is that one of the small switches breaks.  Watch this video to see how to replace the switch, and the steps are listed below.


Step One

To repair remote buttons on your key, you need to open the key. Firstly, remove the key blade. Then, split the two halves of the key open and place the battery compartment to one side.

Step Two

The green circuit board is held in by a black plastic frame. The frame is attached by two black pins that are moulded into the remote. When the remote is made in the factory, the black frame is heat sealed over the green circuit. Therefore, you need break one of the black plastic pins. Once you have done this you can remove the green circuit board. Once you have the circuit board out, have a look to see if all three switches are attached.

Repair Remote Buttons

The circuit board should have three switches

Step Three

If there are any switches damaged or missing, you’ll need to replace them. To do this you’ll need to solder. This will be a lot easier if you have a good quality soldering iron.

Please don’t be tempted to use superglue.

We see a lot of cases where people have tried to stick the switches back onto the circuit board. It usually doesn’t work, but in the process, makes it very difficult for anyone to solder a switch on afterwards. If the citcuit board is covered in glue, then it can ruin the key.

Step Four

As we show in the video below, smooth the empty switch pads with the soldering iron before trying to solder on a new switch. Then place the new switch in the correct place using tweezers or your fingers. You need to be very careful because the 300 degrees heat from the soldering iron will hurt a lot if you touch it! Apply heat to each end of the switch in turn and hold in place while it cools. Then nudge the switch to check that it is firmly attached.

Step Five

Once you have repaired the green circuit board, you need to place it back into the remote. Refit the board and the black cover. Reattach the blade and test the key with the car. If the remote doesn’t work, it may need to be programmed.

How do I programme the buttons on my Ford Key?

If the remote does not work after you fit the battery and you have tried to programme it, then it’s possible that there is something else wrong. Watch how these can be  programmed by following the link below

How to programme Fiesta Central Locking