Ford Fiesta 2002-2008 Car Keys Price and Problems

Welcome to our Ford Fiesta Car Keys Factfile. These are all the facts you need about the keys that come with the Ford Fiesta 2002-2008 . We cover quality, price and how easy they are to replace, when lost.

Ford Fiesta 2002-2008

Ford Fiesta

Basic Information

The Fiesta uses two types of car key. The remote key with buttons is the standard key that’s used on the Ford range.

Standard Ford Remote Key

The second type of key is the non-remote type that’s missing buttons but has the transponder chip inside.

Standard Ford Fiesta key

Ford Fiesta 2002-2008 Car Keys Factfile Scores

Prices of spare keys are reasonable. The remote keys are very common and the parts are fairly cheap. Expect to pay around £130 for the remote key and around £55 for a key without buttons.


Of all the car keys we see, Ford remote car keys are the highest quality. Simple, with no moving parts, the buttons are easy to press but do not wear out. The electronic switches that are under the plastic buttons last a very long time and, most importantly, the transponder chips never fail.


The style of lock used on the Ford Fiesta is very basic. Most Auto Locksmiths grew up on this type of lock and should be able to make keys with thier eyes closed. Therefore, most Auto Locksmiths will be able to do this job without problems. This reduces the cost of the getting new keys, simply because you have the choice of who to use.

Along with this, they’re easy to programme when compared to other vehicles and the parts are fairly cheap. Therefore, you should expect to pay somewhere between £160-£200 for two keys, one of which will have buttons. This should include the cost of someone coming out to you in a van, which will save you the cost of recovering the car to the dealer.


Some car manufacturers use security codes to control who can programme new keys. Ford don’t use this system so no codes are needed.


Again, because this job is simple and most Auto Locksmiths will keep the parts in stock, you shouldn’t have to wait long to get new keys. We think that waiting more than one working day is a long time.

Watch Out For

We’ve nothing negative to say about these keys. Ford have used good quality keys, that last a long time. When the key blades wear, these can be replaced easily and cheaply. The locks are simple and are long lasting. Overall we’re impressed.

Useful Car Key Man Information

We’ve made several videos on this key, which are available below in our Ford Fiesta Car Keys Factfile.

How to change the key battery


How to programme the central locking


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