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Welcome to another look at the problems with keyless cars, especially those by Ford. Today we’re looking at the Ford C-Max ‘No Key Detected’ message. If you’re getting this message when you press the button, then we’re going to show you what to do.


We’re going to assume you’re inside the car. If you’re not, take a look at our article on how to unlock your keyless Ford, with the emergency key blade.


So you’re in, but stranded. What do you do?


The ‘no key detected’ message means that the car isn’t seeing your key for some reason. It could be because the key battery has finally given up. So the very first thing to do is put a high quality CR2032 battery into the key.

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Watch our video on How to Change the Key Battery

Maybe the key is faulty, however the main this is getting the car started so you can take it somewhere and get it looked at.

Thankfully, Ford have built in an emergency start procedure, so you can use the car even with a C-Max ‘no key detected’ message.

All you need is the emergency key blade from inside the key.

7 steps to overcome Ford C-Max ‘No Key Detected

1. Find the Keyless emergency start position. There are five different places on Ford cars. The 2014 Ford C-Max uses the most common position.


2. Use the key blade in the access hole and gently prise away the cover.


3. Offer the ‘fat’ end of the key to the slot.

4. Push the key into the slot.


5. Put your foot on the clutch as usual, then press the button.


6. The Ford C-Max no key detected message should disappear and the car should start as usual. Now you’re up and running.

7. Get the battery replaced in your car key

You can use this emergency start method every time you get the Ford C-Max ‘no key detected’ message. In fact, we see some cars the that are used daily with the key in the slot. However usually the key just needs a key battery. This will take care of your C-Max ‘no key detected’ message.

If you have the message but your emergency start position is missing, take a look at our handy Ford Emergency Keyless start guide

We hope this is useful. Please leave any questions you have below and look out for other articles looking at Keyless start issues.

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7 replies
  1. Stephen
    Stephen says:

    Very helpful but iv replaced the battery and it still won’t work. The fob did work but said battery low so I replaced it at timpsons but now it won’t work and I can’t find a sequence to reprogram the key back into the car. Any advise would be appreciated

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Stephen. Ok, so if the key worked before the battery was replaced then it’s very unusual that it doesn’t work now. Have you opened the key to have a look that the key battery is the right way up?

  2. Bob
    Bob says:

    Same thing with my fob, new battery fitted and the fob is not working, car starts with it in the key position though, but it won’t open doors etc. Can anything be done?

  3. Gary
    Gary says:

    Hi I have a Ford C max titanium 1.6 diesel 61 Reg I was having it re-generated due to PDF blocked and the vehicle just cut out won’t restart on the push button all the lights are showing up on the Dash the car doors unlock with the key fob could someone kindly tell me what they would think it would be thank you Gary

  4. Charli Waller
    Charli Waller says:

    I have an S-Max vignale 2016. I recently changed the battery and it was fine for a few weeks. The keyless function has now stopped working – I can only open the door now with the buttons rather than keyless. Inside the message ‘no key detested’ comes up and I can’t start the engine. My husband’s key works fine still so it must be something to do with my one. Does it need reprogramming after a battery change? Any ideas? Thanks!


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