Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 Car Keys Price and Problems

Here is our Ford Mondeo Car Keys Factfile. It’s all our knowledge and experience on the keys that come with the Ford Mondeo 2010-2017. We cover quality, price and how easy they are to replace, when they’re lost.


Ford Mondeo 2010-2017

Basic Information

Ford car keys used to be very good quality, the best on the market. They were so good, we sold them with a lifetime warranty. With the new model of Ford Mondeo brings a new design of car key. It’s not good news I’m afraid. The Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 uses three types of car key, depending on which model you have. There are two different remote key with buttons.

The first type of remote key has a flip blade, the other is a ‘keyless’ key, that works on a proximity signal. This article looks at the traditional style of key. To read our review of the proximity keys on the Mondeo Click Here.  Lastly, they can also have an old fashioned type of key without buttons, one that unlocks the car manually and then starts it.

Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 Remote Key

The new type of key for the Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 is disappointing in terms of quality. The blade design is the standard high security design, no problems there.  However, the flip design is not very strong in our opinion, and we are seeing 3-4 year old keys that are on their last legs. The blades either don’t flip out anymore, or won’t stay retracted. To read all about the problems with these keys click here

Ford Mondeo 2010-2017

Non Remote keys

The standard transponder key can be used on all newer models of Ford Mondeo, apart from keyless types.  However, with the high-spec models such as the ST, the alarm may sound as soon as you open the door. To stop the alarm, simply turn on the ignition with a programmed key. So if you’re after a cheaper spare key, a non-button key will work as a spare, but you’ll have to put the key in the ignition quickly every time you unlock the car, otherwise there may be alot of noise!


Ford Mondeo 2010-2017

Ford Mondeo Car Keys Factfile Scores

Spare Keys


Expect to pay around £150 for the standard remote key and around £75 for a key without buttons. This is becoming the standard price for many car keys.

These are a let down in our opinion. Expect to get 3-4 years out of a new remote key. If your buying a used Mondeo from 2010 onwards, then be prepared to get a new remote key. There is the option of getting it fixed, click here to find out how.

The diagnostic equipment that most Auto Locksmith companies use, programme these without the need for codes, making it nice and simple. However, the key cannot be ‘cloned’ yet, which prevents the simple key cutting shops selling these keys. For this reason, we give it three stars, you’ll need to find an Auto-Locksmith that has high quality equipment, or use the dealer. For a spare key, the key can be cut on a tracing machine easily, without the need for a key code. So for spare keys, there are no key codes needed, just good, expensive equipment.


This job is simple and most Auto Locksmiths will keep the parts in stock, you shouldn’t have to wait long to get new keys. Waiting more than one working day for a spare key is a long time.

Lost Keys


Losing your keys to a new Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 can be really bad news, depending on whether you have a good Auto-Locksmith locally. Ford do not always keep a record of your key number, it really depends of the branch and how professional they are.

The upshot is that key codes for Ford cars are generally not available. The problem is, to cut a key, when all are lost, you need a code. However, unlike the dealer, A good Auto Locksmith can unlock a New Ford and cut a key, without a key number. They should also work out the key number and give you it, which will save you time and money in the future, should you need another car key.

Ford score very low on codes, simply because the lack of codes from the dealer, makes it much more difficult to get a key cut when all keys are lost.



As we’ve already explained, the dealers cannot replace a lost key without a key number. Sometimes, the only way they can get you up and running is to replace all the locks. The good news is, they’re easy to programme compared to other vehicles, as long as the latest diagnostic equipment is used. Therefore, you should expect to pay somewhere between £220-£300 for two keys, one of which will have buttons. This should include the cost of someone coming out to you in a van, which will save you the cost of recovering the car to the dealer.


Ford’s  decision to change the key design is not good for us, as users. We believe the old style key was much better and so sadly,  this key is rated much lower.

Useful Car Key Man Information

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How to change the key battery

This video will show you how to change the battery. It’s easy, honest.








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