One minute your Ford Focus is on the drive, the next it’s gone. You’re probably asleep so won’t know until you wake up. By then the car will be gone and this is happening to cars that use the keyless fob below. Ford Keyless Car Theft is a problem, so we’re  talking about it.


The keyless idea is really nice. You don’t have to put anything in the ignition lock. Instead you leave the key in your pocket or handbag and press a button to start the car, simple.


Now, we love new technology. We use the latest key programming equiment and it’s such an interesting job. We play cat and mouse with the dealers who design systems to stop us doing what we do. So Keyless systems are really clever, but they have a flaw. We’ve all heard about companies being hacked, data and passwords stolen, even teenagers hacking into the Pentagon.

So why do the car manufacturers believe that keys wont be hacked? It’s pretty obvious that when all that protects your car is clever technology, someone clever will work out how to hack your keyless car.

Would a key blade stop Ford Keyless Car Theft?

The metal blade on a car key, especially the newer Ford Focus cars, are pretty difficult to overcome. As Auto-Locksmiths, we regularly make keys to these when all keys are lost. We can have a keyless car running within 15 mins. Whereas, an old-fashioned key with a blade takes much longer. Would I have a keyless car? No chance.

So we wanted to let you know about this problem. Its all over the news, just check out the links below to read whats happening.

We’ve made the Youtube video to try and put over simply what is happpening out there near you. We also make a few simple suggestions, which you may find useful if you want to keep your car.

I’m ok, I’ve got a Mercedes…

Its not just Ford Focus cars. Many keyless cars can be stolen, we’ll get to them in a later post. Here’s the video and we’ve put the captions below if that’s easier. Keep your car safe and we hope this helps.

Need to change the key battery on you Ford Focus?



Ford Keyless Car Theft

Hello, there it’s Steve again for The Car Key Man. Today, we’re talking about something really important. It’s about Ford Focus cars getting stolen because they’ve got these type of keys. Now for 2010 they introduced this type of key and it’s called a Smart Key or a Proximity Key. You press the button on the key to get the doors open and then you put your key in your pocket and just press the start button.

It’s really nice. I know you love ’em, lots of customers that we see think it’s a fantastic idea. It works really nice but there’s a big problem. Cars that use this type of key are getting stolen all around the U.K.

Now we’re gonna leave some links in the comments and they’re just kind of news stories and examples of cars getting stolen.  You’ll know where to look for and the sort of news to look for and we think that it’s really important that you have a look.

It’s getting close to Lincoln now

I do know that it’s happening close to Lincoln, where we’re based. It’s getting closer  and soon it’ll be happening in Lincoln, which is whey we’ve made this video.

Now the way it works is that this key is clever and it waits for a signal from your car. Okay, so when you get into your car, your car’s sitting there, it’s asleep. As soon as you open the car door, the car wakes up and it goes,

“Hello, where’s the key? Where’s the key?”

And your key, because it’s clever, will say, “Here I am.”

And then when the car hears the key, all of a sudden it’s kind of great, you’re good to go. Press the button, the car starts, everyone’s happy, you use the car, you don’t even notice anything happens. The problem is, that to steal your car, all that needs to happen is someone needs to pretend to be the key. Really simple.

Gadgets and keys that talk to cars.

Now, if you’ve got your Focus key in your house at night time and it’s in the middle of the night, your keys are probably by your front door. This is where most people keep their car keys but you’re at risk of having your car stolen. The Ford Keyless Car Theft experts have a gadget, I don’t know what it looks like, we’ve not seen it. That gadget will pretend to be your car. They come up to your house, they come up to your window, by the front door and they’ll say.

“Hello, I’m a car. Is there any key’s there?”

Your key will go, “Oh, here I am. This is me.”

And the gadget rather will say, “Oh great. Thanks very much. I’ve grabbed your signal, that’s it, great stuff.”

Then all they need to do is basically walk up to your car that’s probably parked on the drive or in the street.

The gadget transmits “Hello, I’m the key.” And the car will then go, “Oh okay, fair enough.” It’ll open up. They can put the gadget in the car pretending to be the key, press the button, good done.

Ford Keyless Car Theft Complete

And all of a sudden, someone’s driving off in your nice, shiny, 15,000 pound Focus  and it’s gone, you’ll most probably you’re not going to see that car again. It will broken up for bits and put on eBay.  That’s just because we’re hearing these keys have a flaw where the signal can be grabbed and they’re using it against you.

So what can you do about this? Well, we’d recommend two things, okay. We’re not experts in keyless systems and we take quite a simple view of how they work. We do program the keys and I know that there are two really basic things that you can do.  If you just do these things, you stand a better chance of keeping your car.

Suggestion One to stop Ford Keyless Car Theft

The first thing is don’t keep these Ford Focus keys by the front door or by your window or by anywhere that someone can walk outside next to your house and grab the signal. If you do, your Ford Focus is at risk of getting stolen. So take your car keys away from the road, take them away from the place that someone can come to your house. Put them in the back of the house or upstairs. Some people talk about putting them in the microwave, although if you put your microwave on you’ll just toast your key! So try not to do that. But put them somewhere that they’re not going to get hacked.

Suggestion Two to stop Ford Keyless Car Theft

Okay, the next thing is a bit more radical but it can help. This is asteering wheel disc lock, as it says there. We don’t sell these, the company is called Disklok, we don’t sell ’em but there will be a link at some point in the future where you can click on and buy them. Okay, so it’s worth looking at that. This is a steering wheel cover. It clamps over your steering wheel and then this comes down shut and at that point there when it’s locked, you can’t then get this off without a key.

DISCLAIMER  – Disklok and Ford Keyless Car Theft

When we made the video, we had no idea these could be broken off, but comments left on the video indicate they can. Therefore, read the reviews, do some research and choose something good and strong. We still like the Disklok, but maybe there’s another type out there that may suit you better. 

Back to the video..

Now these are strong. They’re just steel but they’re well made. When someone’s trying to steal your car with one of these on, this will just slide around, you can’t control the car. If you’ve got any type of car at the moment, I would have one of these. We have one on our car even though it’s not Keyless.

Now it’s gonna be a real pain, you putting that on your car at night time, okay. I know that. It doesn’t look very nice, it’s not meant to look very nice but we believe it will help stop your car getting stolen. If that’s what you have to do every night now with a keyless system, then that’s your best chance you have that your car won’t get taken.

Ford Keyless Car Theft Summary

So just a summary then, if you’ve got a keyless key you need to stop the signal from your key getting onto a gadget and your getting stolen. Keep the keys away from the front door, get yourself a Disklok or another brand that suits you. Make your Ford Focus the one that’s just a bit more secure than your nextdoor neighbour and they’ll take theirs instead of yours. Okay, we hope this video helps.


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