Hyundai ix35 Locked out with Keyless Car Key

This week we’re looking at problems with ‘Keyless cars’. If you have your Hyundai ix35 long enough, there’s a chance you’ll be locked out with Keyless Car Key problems.

Lets talk about why this might happen.

There are a few reasons why you may find yourself locked out with Keyless Car Key problems, so lets have a look.

Flat Battery on the Car leaves you Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Remember the olden days when the ice was thick on the windscreen?  A chorus of  cars struggling to start would fill the neighborhood. This doesn’t happen these days. The cars won’t turnover once the battery drops to a certain level, they just sit and won’t even crank.

However there are still plenty of cars with flat batteries, leaving owners locked out with Keyless Car Key problems.

In normal use, the car detects you walking up to the car, then unlocks automatically.

However, if the car battery is dead, it won’t unlock. The car is asleep, deaf to you and your keyless car key.

So when this happens, you’ll need to know how to unlock the car using the emergency key blade.

Flat Keyless Car Key Battery

This is obvious, but it needs thinking about.

You get a warning on your dashboard when the key battery is low. We know everyone is busy and you may not have time to get it changed. Did you know you can do it yourself?