Today’s blog is instructions on how to get your Broken Insignia Key Fixed.

We repair hundreds every year in our business. Fortunately, Vauxhall keys are one of the easiest to fix.


Inside your key you’ll have a green electronic circuit board. This a delicate part of the key. If it’s damaged, you’ll our car will not start again. A broken chip means you won’t be able to get your broken Insignia key fixed.

In a perfect world, you have a spare key to fall back on, while you fix your broken key. If this is the case, crack on.

However, we know that it may be your only key, and if that’s the case, just take care with it. If you follow our instructions you’ll be fine.

First things First

broken insignia key fixed

We suggest you make yourself a drink and read the instructions carefully on HOW TO get your broken Insignia key fixed. We know it’s tempting to race ahead, but sometimes, slow is good!

Broken Insignia Key Fixed – Stage 1 -Turning the locks

We believe the most important thing is getting your new key case to the point it will turn the locks of your car. There’s no point racing ahead and splitting open the key, only to find that the new case won’t turn the locks, or you can’t switch the blade over.

To complete this part of the job you have two choices.

  1. Get your new key blade cut. This is be the easiest option, if you can find someone to cut it. Some key cutting shops will not cut a key they’ve not supplied, which is a shame. They’re worried that if they mess it up, they won’t be able to replace it. However, hopefully you’ll find a shop or Auto-Locksmith who will.

You should be paying around £10 this cut. The other option is…

  1. Swap the blade over from the old key into the new shell. On paper this may seem the better deal, instead of traipsing around town, getting the key cut.

However, there are a couple of issues when swapping over the key blades and can be a tricky part of getting your broken Insignia key fixed.

Firstly, you need to knock out the pin from the new case as well as the one from your old key.

Choose a working area that can get damaged (not your antique dining room table!). Clear some space and just take some care.

Flip the blade half-way out and put a small screwdriver, or something thin,  into the key. This will keep the blade out so you can work on it.

Broken Insignia Key Fixed – Top Tip

 When we swap the blade, we try and knock the pin through just enough to let the blade out, but so it stays attached to the blade holder. 

If you can do this, then refitting the pin is much easier, but if you can’t, no problem.

Once the blades are out, see if the old blade fits into the new case. The tang, the piece that’s held by the pin, may be a slightly different shape.

Also, there’s a slot in the blade where the pin holds the blade. This may be in a slightly different position. Vauxhall keys are normally pretty good and but you may need to make a slight alteration with a small needle file. This can be a bit frustrating when getting your broken Insignia key fixed.

Refitting the pin!

This can test your patience, believe me. You need to hold the pin upright, while forcing it into the hole. If you use a hammer to knock it in, then it can be difficult to hold the pin upright.

Then knock in with a small hammer. It can be a bit fiddly!

Blu Tack May Help

If you don’t have any needle pliers, then blu Tack may help to keep the pin upright.

Then knock it down with a small hammer in the same way.

You can also use pliers to push the pin in. However, if you squeeze too hard, the pin may bend, before it slides all the way into the slot.

So, this is a bit of a dance and we have exactly the same issues. Just be patient.

Once you have the old blade in the new key, check that the flip works okay, and that the blade stays folded away.  All set?

Now check it turns the car locks.

Opening the old Insignia key.

The easiest way by far, is to use Circlip pliers.

Place the pliers inside the cavity near the flip.

Poke them in as far as they will go and then squeeze the pliers and the case will crack open.

Once the glue seal is opened, you’ll need to pull the key open using your hands.

The key can be tight, but it will eventually come apart, leaving you with the green circuit board. The board has the chip built into it, so there’s nothing else to transfer over.

Building the new key.

The hardest bit of getting your broken Insignia key fixed is over, but the next bit is a bit fiddly.

It may feel like you need three hands to put the key back together properly, but all you need is a bit of patience.

Putting the new Insignia Key back together.

  1. First, you need to assemble the flip blade mechanism. Pop the metal button into the blade holder. It will only fit one way. When you have it correct, it will poke through the other side.

  1. Next, put the spring into the blade older. Again, it can only go in one way, simply because one end has a ‘tail’ that sticks out. You need the ‘tail’ that sticks inside the spring
  1. You need to locate the end of the spring over the plastic spigot, shown in the photo at the tip of the screwdriver.

  1. Once the spring is over the spigot, wind it around Anti-clockwise, for two turns.

  1. Put the green circuit board into the case.

  1. Bring both parts of the key case together, all the time holding the blade shut!

  1. Next, test the flip to check that it works as it should.
  1. Screw both halve together. Be careful not to over-tighten.

  1. Test the key blade flips out.
  1. Fit a new battery
  1. Test the remote works and the car starts